First of all, Congratulations on your Engagement or Special Event!

So what happens next?

This is a brief explanation of the Design Process which goes into each and every gown. My goal is that you will be involved in all the planning and designing of your custom gown and that you will be relaxed throughout the entire process.

I'm sure that by now you would have perused some glossy magazine with gorgeous models and scrolled through many pages of stunning dresses on Pinterest.

You probably have some ideas about your dream dress.

This is the first step in the design process.

Once you have a style in mind, I would actually suggest going to your local Bridal or gown specialist store. There are quite a few stunning stores which offer free consultations. So take this opportunity to try on as many different style dresses on. Even some which you didn't think that you would like. You might be surprised!

Don't stress too much if you don't know what you are looking for before you walk through the bridal store doors. The dress will naturally evolve through the process and you discover what suits your body.

Coffee! It's a good idea to catch up at this point so I can start sketching your dress. Don't forget to bring any photos you have found. I can combine elements of several of your favourite dresses to design "the one"

Write a list of all your concerns and what you like and do not like about certain dresses, this helps in designing something that you love!

Getting your measurements. At the beginning stages I will only measure the points which are relevant to the dress we design. for example, if your dress is sleeveless, I do not need to measure your arms. but if you want sleeves, then i would measure your arm circumferences and length. This shouldn't take too long, and it is a great bonding experience. All up, there are less than 20 points I need to get started.

During our conversation I will ask you about fabric. A lot of the time, this is where the majority of the cost of the dress is involved. If we can make it to the fabric stores together, it is a bonus, because the fabric is what will make or break the dress. Because the dress is handmade, I do not have access to custom laces or beading. But I believe that there are so many beautiful fabrics available, the dress will just speak for itself.

Finally I start working on your 1st draft, which we call a toile. Usually I start with a basic block made in Calico. I will use this toile to pin close to the body and draw in the new panel lines. This allows me to get a perfect fit of the garment before I move onto the next stage.

After we have met up, I start working on the 2nd draft. I like to make the 2nd draft in fabric similar to the final product. This means that the sample will fit and react on your body the same way as the finished dress. At this stage, we can still make adjustments to the style, provided it is a tweak, not a major redesign.

Once we are both happy with the way the dress is looking, I will make the dress in the final fabric. Keep in mind that after the fabric is cut, I will only be able to make minor adjustments. The final fitting should be as close to 2 weeks out from the wedding. This gives me enough time to finish the dress and deliver it to you the week before the wedding.

Please note: I only make Dresses in my spare time and everything I make is by hand. I believe in quality over quantity, therefore I am only able to make 1 dress at a time. Just remember: Good things take time.

Design Process